Jillian Kimiko Tokunaga


After I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies, I completed 100 hours of work within an elementary school classroom. I am passionate about education and love to tutor students because it gives me the opportunity to make an impact in kids' lives and see them grow. While I specialize in tutoring math subjects (up to Geometry), I also provide tutoring in Science, History, and English.  I am  working on my multiple subject teaching credential and also work as a substitute teacher in Stanislaus County.  

What parents are saying:
"I am very satisfied with Jillian's services and even wish to hire her again in the future. I can see how my son has improved his math, reading comprehension, language, etc. under Jillian's care. I commend her for a job well done. I was very impressed that she was never late and would even go beyond the time she is supposed to stay." -Ian M., Excel parent